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My Journal

(Yes I know it's unoriginal)

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I no longer update this journal, I've got out of the habit of writing fic. I'm not going to delete or lock anything here though. And if you really like something (or really hate it!) and want to comment, this account is still hooked up to my active e-mail account, so I'll see what you say.

This is my writing journal. Mostly it contains Due South fanfic, with one Dr Who piece. As nothing is locked and I no longer update there is no point in friending this journal. But if you want really want to, go ahead...

Now a bit about me:

I like to read fanfiction, mostly slash. My OTP is Fraser/Ray Kowalski from Due South. I first got into fanfic by reading Buffy het, I progressed to X-Files slash (Briefly, the storylines from the show got far too complicated), Smallville slash, Sentinel slash and finally onto Due South. And I've stayed. (With occasional forays into Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek (all incarnations), Ghostbusters, Pirates of the Caribbean and various Brit fandoms that don't have large fanficiton sections - such as Grange Hill, Jeeves and Wooster, Hornblower, and Red Dwarf) I have written some fic, but none of it is brilliant.
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